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This guide provides information about a wide range of programs and services that can help you stay mobile, active and connected to your community. These programs range from help remaining a safe driver to specialized services for people who need assistance getting out into the community. Regardless of your situation, there is probably something available that can help you. Here are some common situations and suggestions for what information you may find helpful.

You drive yourself and plan to keep driving as long as you safely can.
  • A driver safety course can help keep your skills sharp and make sure you know how to adjust for changes as you get older.
  • Many publications and online resources can help you spot possible difficulties before they become serious problems.
You drive yourself but don’t feel as confident as you used to.
  • A driver safety course can help you learn how to adjust your driving and deal with issues related to vision, flexibility, reaction time and medication.
  • Adjustments to your car may help you drive with more confidence.
  • Public transportation may be an option for you. If you haven’t ridden the bus for a long time, you might be surprised by how much they’ve changed.
  • A SamTrans Mobility Ambassador can help you learn about
    transportation options.
You’ve cut back on your driving and are looking for other ways to get around.
  • Depending on your physical abilities, public transportation may be an option for some of your needs. Buses now have a lot of features that make them easier to use.
  • Many communities have small buses that are designed for short trips to go shopping, to the library and to medical appointments.
  • If using the bus is too hard for you, you might be eligible for services that pick you up at home and take you where you want to go.
You are concerned about a friend or family member who probably shouldn’t be driving anymore.
  • Several publications provide tips about how to talk to friends and family about driving.
  • Get the latest information about Department of Motor Vehicles policies on testing, reporting and license renewal.
You ride public transportation but you’re finding it more difficult as you get older, for example, if you need to carry anything.
  • Local shuttle routes in some communities may be easier for you to use than SamTrans buses.
You can’t drive, or prefer not to, and transit routes just don’t go where you need to go.
  • You may be able to get a ride on services operated by community organizations and some cities.
Your condition doesn’t let you drive or use public transportation.
  • You may be eligible for paratransit service that picks you up at home and takes you where you want to go.
You need help from another person in order to go anywhere.
  • Services operated by community organizations and some cities may be able to help you.